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"Stephen Said!" music video!

Hey everyone!

Theres a lot of big stuff coming up!! Today we shot our music video for our song "Stephen Said!" thats already out everywhere you can get music. This song is gonna be on the EP that is coming out very soon! we are so excited to share this video and all our new music with you in the next couple of weeks. In order to keep doing what we're doing we really need you're support and here's what you can do! We are starting to fundraise for the next music videos that we hope to make for this new EP. This is one out of many of the songs on the album, and if you like what we come out with and want to see more, please please help out and donate anything you would like! here is where you can do that !!! Thank you everyone for all the support and we hope you're all doing swell!

- solar sound band

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