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ANOTHER Battle Of The Bands!!!

Hey everyone!

Sorry its been a while since we've updated you! heres whats new! We recently got into another Battle of The Bands where we played for the first round at Lucy's in Pleasantville, NY on Sunday(May 7). We played our two originals "Words" and "Moving On" it was a real fun time! We made it to the next round which will be on May 21, 2017 ! We are going to play two more original songs for the judges that we won't name right here right now cuz element of surprise! If we are one of the top three winners, we will be playing a big music fest in June! We're really excited to see how this turns out and we would appreciate it so much if you came to support!! The gig will be posted on the shows page of our website and we will update with the times via Facebook and instagram. We will also be playing the Strawberry Festival soon and that ones gonna be a full set so we would LOVE to see you there!!!!

Lots of thanks to all of you reading and staying tuned and we hope everyone is doing well!



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